PMDG Shares Visual Comparison between 737 NG3 & NGXu

November 13, 2021

Robert S. Randazzo has returned a month after with another update regarding the upcoming 737 NG3. The update draws comparison between the current NGXu 737 simulation to their upcoming 737 NG3 for MSFS.

In typical storytelling fashion, Randazzo starts with a short memoir on how creatives staring at their work for too long leaves them to struggle appreciating their work and how far they’ve come, and this was very much the case for the 737 NG3, especially for RSR himself. (What followed was a small flex on taking his DC-3 to airshows and not experiencing the same wow factor “through the eyes of someone who hasn't viewed it before”).

Moving straight to the point, the images posted are combined raw screen captures between P3D running the team’s own 737 NGXu release and the NG3 in development. Randazzo stressed that the images are taken straight from his screen using Snipping-Tool and the pictures are what it is.

“This is what my desktop looks like with both simulators running side-by-side.”

“Normally we wouldn't show you something like this until it was finished, properly lighted[sic], staged, imaged, reviewed and branded....”

From the images, one can see that the NGXu’s rejuvenated visuals serves as the basis for further development on the NG3, many of the assets remained alike but reauthored to take advantage of the simulator’s rendering capabilities. Granted, Randazzo noted that the shots don’t represent the final product, but the images are here to draw a side by side contrast “so you can see the state of things”.

The visuals are still in the process of being tweaked to iron out animation and lighting issues, the 3d model also needs refinement to remove gaps in the mesh (specifically, the panels). As part of the rework, “large swaths” of the flightdeck remained to be retextured to MSFS specifications.

Randazzo then pointed out that this is the third reiteration of the new cockpit modelling, where the original NG3 project was developed for Prepar3D, with the team in the dark about the existence of a new MSFS game in the works, after the simulator’s reveal and subsequent release, the team has gone back to the drawing board and redid the cockpit modelling again. Taking advantage of the simulator’s greatly expanded polygon headroom, the new model is purpose-built to incorporate much more detail than then preceding remodelling for P3D. To complement the new 3D, textures receive equal scrutiny with rebuilt “materials” to create the textures.

Randazzo closes the update promising to reveal more pricing details on the NG3 in an update that is a  “bit more broad-based.”

That’s all for this month’s update on the 737 NG3, Threshold will keep you in the loop! For the original post, visit their forum thread (you'll need to create an account and login to check the images.)

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