POSCON Unveils Release Schedule: Open Beta by Q2 2020, Full Release Q4 2020

June 7, 2019

The Positive Control Network has formally unveiled it's tentative release schedule ahead of FlightSimExpo in Orlando this weekend.

POSCON staff have kindly provided Threshold with full details regarding their "Invite-Only Beta" phase and a rough release target for the full release of the new online network.

Roadmap - Beta to Release

Closed Beta testing of network functionality has already begun and is expected to be completed by the end of this year, though an earlier completion date is expected, as the team shift in to the first of two Invite-Only Beta runs.

Run 1 will begin as soon as closed beta has been completed and will allow between 500 and 1000 users a look in to the network in it's semi-complete state. At this stage, ATC coverage will be available, though only POSCON appointed controllers will be permitted. More information on how to get involved in ATC in the FAQ section below.

Invite-Only Run 2 is scheduled to go ahead by the end of Q1 2020, if not sooner (in fact, they claim an earlier release is very likely) with a force of 1000-2000 pilots to be recruited for this test.

Full Open Beta is expected to commence by, at the latest, Q2 2020. This allows an unlimited amount of new pilots to check out the network for the first time and will be operational 24/7, with handpicked ATC staffing in areas that have been "fully developed."

POSCON estimate full release will follow a year after the commencement of the first Invite-Only Beta run, which, going by the release dates provided, should be around Q4 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

The guys over at POSCON have also pointed out a number of frequently asked questions regarding the beta run for their new network - and how to get your hands on a ticket at FSExpo!

To summarise, the most important points in the FAQ revolve around age, ATC and the transfer of ratings from other networks such as VATSIM.

Unless parental consent is given (13-15 years old only), you must be 16 or older to be eligible for the POSCON Beta.

Air Traffic Controllers, along with full and functioning regional divisions, will be set up at a later date. Division staff will be selected by POSCON Staff early on in the beta run.

Ratings between networks will be exchangeable for 6 months following the official release of POSCON, so for example, if you're a C1 controller on VATSIM, you automatically get the corresponding rank when POSCON opens in 2020.

POSCON Staff will be attending this weekend's FlightSimExpo in Orlando and will be giving away Invite-Only Beta passes to lucky attendees. Requirements to be in the draw are simple - be a POSCON member (sign up on their official website here)! Winners will be contacted by email after the event.

Not attending Expo and still want to get in on the Beta? POSCON also say that staff and the closed beta team will have invite codes to hand out following the event this weekend.

Who can participate?

  • Users must possess a valid invite code in order to activate their account and become part of the beta. The following restrictions apply:
  • Users must be at least 16 years of age or older. Users 13-15 years of age can participate only if POSCON has received hand-written parental consent.
  • Users on any restricted or watch lists are prohibited from participating.

Will the Beta be open all the time, or will there be specific operating times?

  • The POSCON Invite-Only Beta will not be open to the public 24 hours / 7 days a week; it will instead be open during specific operating times to ensure ATC and Moderator coverage as well as allow us to deploy changes without affecting user experience.
  • As we become more comfortable with our progress and staffing, we will relax the schedule to include more operating times.

Are the operating times fixed?

  • No, the schedule will vary. On the 25th day of each month, POSCON will post an updated schedule to the public for the next month's operating times and featured ATC region.

Will the Beta be "open world" or feature specific areas?

  • It will be open world, but each month we will be focussing on a specific region in regards to ATC coverage. This does not mean that ATC will be restricted to controlling in the featured region of the month, it just means that we will ensure coverage in that region during the posted times.

When will ATC open up to the public?

  • ATC will open to the public when POSCON officially releases in 2020.

Will ATC ratings transfer from legacy networks?

  • Yes, a user's global rating will transfer from legacy networks for a period of 6 months after the official release of POSCON in 2020.
  • Local certifications will be left up to the divisions and sub-divisions to decide whether they transfer or not.

When will the Division Staff be selected and how will that work?

  • POSCON will begin selecting Division staff the first few weeks after the Invite-Only beta release.
  • Division staff will initially be appointed by POSCON staff, but later we plan to introduce a way for members to get involved in the selection process.

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