Pilot Plus Updates Bristol Definitive to V1.2

Sunday, December 1, 2019

British scenery makers Pilot Plus have updated the first product in their new "Definitive" range of products, with version 1.2 of Bristol Definitive released today.

Despite the new name given to their sceneries, Pilot Plus are by no means lightweights when it comes to X-Plane development, with a large assortment of airports available for the simulator across the world.

Before August's surprise announcement of Bristol and subsequently the new, higher quality range of products, the team had been working on a rendition of London City Airport, though news on that project has been quiet for some time.

In an email sent to customers, the Joe Charman addressed the first post-release update for Bristol - the main changes being to the terminals, which have been brought up to a more current configuration (namely the addition of gates 19 and 20) and a total re-doing of the textures, which they now describe as "ultra-realistic".

New ground vehicles have been added to the array already available, in addition to new clutter objects on the ramp and fuel pump. An optional mesh and sloped runway is also added this update.

To update to the new version, the developer recommends customers re-download the scenery from the store of initial purchase.

The scenery is currently discounted under Pilot Plus' Black Friday sale, now retailing at £16.79, down from £20.99. Take advantage of that deal here, on the group's website.

If you'd like to make the most of the various discounts and offers going on as a part of the annual Black Friday sale season, check out Threshold's list - it encompasses discounts on over 1,000 X-Plane products, all in one place.

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