Vidan Design Previews Billund (EKBI)

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Danish developer Vidan Design has dropped some new previews of their upcoming Billund scenery, converted from the ESP-platform edition initially released in 2017.

The formerly ESP-only developer started X-Plane development earlier this year, releasing a small airfield, Grenaa as freeware before moving on to larger airports such as Aalborg, which was released in June 2019.

Once again the developer communicated the news via Facebook, informing us that jetways are now in place at Billund.

When asked by a commenter about the nature of these jetways, they made it clear that those in place now are of the static variety, though Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) jetways will be considered going forward.

The X-Plane version of Billund has dominated the group's Facebook feed since the beginning of the month, when we first saw previews of the terminal in place at the central Denmark airport.

You can learn more about Vidan Design's Billund for X-Plane in a previous article. Alternatively, see their post on Facebook here.

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