Vidan Design Announces Billund (EKBI)

Sam Clark
Saturday, July 20, 2019

The next of Vidan Design's X-Plane scenery conversion project is Billund Airport, located in central Denmark. This follows the release of their previous conversion, Aalborg, in June.

The Danish developer first toyed with X-Plane back in March, releasing a converted version Grenaa Airfield, a small freeware "gift" to the community, doubling as an experiment for the developer testing the waters in Laminar's sim.

Development of Billund XP was announced via the group's Facebook page just minutes ago, with a single preview accompanying the news.

"Hello Billund XP11"

When asked, the developers gave no predicted release date - instead, they simply say it will be "as soon as possible."

Aalborg XP now has the option to remove static aircraft via a small patch released earlier this week.

Also announced recently by the Danish developer, the first update to Aalborg XP is now available. The small patch removes static aircraft for those wishing to go without the default parked planes. See the post here for more information.

To see more from Vidan Design, check out a previous article about Aalborg, their last release for X-Plane.

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