PropStrike Studio Announces Thridrangar Lighthouse

April 2, 2020

Breaking a silence from the developer, PropStrike Studio has posted a teaser for their next project, Thridrangar Lighthouse.

The only comment given in the post on their Facebook page was that more details were to be provided in the next few weeks.

Before this announcement from PropStrike, the last public announcement they had made was back in late November 2019, when they started selling their products at Orbx.

Thridrangar Lighthouse is located in Southern Iceland, it has the local name of “Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse”. The lighthouse is located on a small rock 120 feet above the ocean, about 4.5 miles from the mainland of Iceland. Even now, the approach to the lighthouse is one requiring a lot of skill, with one wrong move proving potentially fatal. Below you can see the helipad on the far right of the rock.

Image credit: Alamy

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