Prealsoft Releases Paris Landmarks for Microsoft Flight Simulator

January 20, 2021

This being their third contribution to the Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery market, Prealsoft have released Paris Landmarks for the new platform.

Previous to this, Prealsoft had focused on itself on renditions of Casablanca - with both the city's airport and VFR objects getting separate scenery packages.

The new Paris Landmarks product is set to rival Orbx's rendition of same name, with both modelling objects in and around France's largest city. To learn more about that product, check out a previous article.

Prealsoft's rendition boasts 19 bridges around the city, plus a number of buildings and other points of interest, with special models made for 'Stade de France,Parc de la vilette, La défense, Panthéon, Les Mercuriales, La tour Pleyel, Parc des Princes, Tour Montparnasse, Centre Commercial Montparnasse, Notre-dame de Paris and more.'

The developer lists other features as:

  • Massive use of PBR on every objects
  • Night Textures
  • FPS Friendly
  • Night enhancements on all default POIs (Tour Eiffel, Sacré coeur..)
  • Continuous free updates and more POIs and Objects to come.

Paris Landmarks by Prealsoft is priced at EUR 10.70 and is available via simMarket.

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