PropStrike releases spectacular Quatam River recreation

Peter Tram
Sunday, September 30, 2018

What happens when you bring console-level graphics to Flight Simulation scenery? It’s a recurring concept that has attempted to be realised by many developers such as Orbx and FlightBeam, both of whom have strong backgrounds in game development. In the X-Plane world, we have the likes of native scenery developer Beti-X who aims to deliver detail down to each grain on the gravel with their Stewart and Bella Coola scenery. One new developer studio aims to take it one notch higher with a dash of FPS detailing.

Meet PropStrike Studios, led by the dynamic duo of Luciano Pommella and Karl Høybye, are both flight simulator enthusiasts with backgrounds in game development. Luciano is a game developer in Canada and has worked in the game development and entertainment industry for over 2 decades. Karl lives in Denmark and is a recent game development graduate who has been an avid contributor in the flight simulation community, developing several sceneries before partnering with Luciano.


Their first partnership is absolutely eye-catching. Lush greenery and rustic-textured clutter, Quatam River Airport is the ultimate go-to destination for bush pilots and GA fliers alike who appreciate a little grimy-ness in their adventures.

Sitting in a series of fjords and arms in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, Quatam River Airport sits smack just a few meters from the river of the same name, which leads into the tall mountains. The airport is utilised as a hub for lumberjacks in the area who have been clearing the forest in the valley for over 35 years.

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