Threshold Exclusive: Pyreegue Dev. Co's Airport Layout Enhancement Solution

Sam Clark
Saturday, May 18, 2019

It's been just about a month and a half since we last heard from Pyreegue and his scenery endeavours, with the release of Tivat Airport (LYTV), nestled in the moutains of Montenegro.

For his latest project, the developer has shifted his focus away from individual sceneries and to a ground texture overhaul, dubbed ALES - the Airport Layout Enhancement Solution.

He plans for the package to be sold for 10 Euros, and has the following features:

  • Complete X-Plane airport ground texture overhaul - PBR and stuff
  • All default lines replaced (more than 50)
  • All default airport pavement textures replaced (All 24 of those)
  • Default runway textures replaced for both concrete and asphalt
  • Default runway decals replaced

All the assets in the pack are 3D scanned from the real-world, which is why they look "very realistic" according to Pyreegue.

The developer has confirmed that his pack will work with MisterX6's Airport Environment HD.

There's no release date in mind yet, however, he's stated ALES is in beta testing now.

To learn more about Pyreegue Dev. Co., check out our article on their previous scenery.

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