FlyJSim Publishes Q400 Legacy Update, Cockpit Previews of Q4XP

Peter Tram
Thursday, August 1, 2019

Celebrating the 10th year of the original Q400 project's conceptualisation that kickstarted FlyJSim, the development team known for its classic jets has issued a minor update to their Q400 project, bringing stable usability to X-Plane 11. Some of the notable updates are a revised flightmodel with increased drag and better maneuvering, and retuned textures to take advantage of X-Plane 11's PBR capabilities. Alongside the visual and performance side of things, the User interface is updated to sit more in line with the development team's current add-on offering with a few other bugfixes.

The update will mark the end of the Q400's update run as as all hands are on deck for the successor product: Q4XP. The update would presumaly provide all current users a flyable product during the X-Plane 11 life-span, updates may happen beyond 11.35+ to maintain compatibility as Laminar prepares a shift towards Vulkan and Metal. Here is the brief rundown of the update:

- Updated to 11.35+ flight model. Now with increased drag and better handling

- Fixed engine start-up. This was an issue caused by system changes in 11.30 and should be back to the regular start-up procedure

- Physically Based Rendering textures. Exterior textures should now have a more believable  glossiness and metalness effect.

- Menu graphics updated

- Manual graphics updated

- PFD colours changed. Should be much more vibrant to the eye.

- Startup sound volume reduced



FSElite Exclusive Images

Additionally, the team has provided FSElite a set of exclusives showcasing the newly modelled 3D cockpit of the Q4XP (featured in the top banner). Whilst not completed yet, it shows a visible step up in detail and mesh quality compared to the original version released right before the 2010s. Truly an exciting time for turboprop pilots as this looks to be a serious contender in X-Plane regional prop space, and we cannot wait to see what's to become of the finished product. Read FSElite's article for more information and images.

The team regularly posts informal updates regarding their Q4XP's development on Discord, so be sure to join and check out their work!

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