Preview: Customizable hangars at Riverside

Sam Clark
Monday, April 9, 2018

RD Studios, developer of the upcoming KRAL Riverside, have shown off WIP screenshots of a brand new feature - customizable hangars. In a post to the KRAL thread on the forums, Susu986 of RD Studios said this;

Here are the first shots of your customizable hangar at Riverside! In the fashion of Half Moon Bay, KRAL will also feature a customizable home for your adventures to start from! The hangar is ideal for business jets and GA aircraft (no B737's, sorry, just like in the real world). This time instead of posters, you will have flags to choose from (or to use your own photo, for which there will be a template for the fabric effect, see flag closeup later). One of the options is of course the US flag, which is the staple of larger hangars across countless US airports. And those rusted pillars/seams can also get a shiny new coat of paint in many different colors, if you choose to do so!

Along with the message, the post also contained numerous screenshots of the hangar in question.

Pictured above is a working digital clock - included in the hangar.

The hangars at KRAL will have PBR textures, as well as a working digital wall clock, a "first of its kind in an X-Plane scenery" along with other clutter objects like shelving and hand-trucks.

To learn more about KRAL by RD Studios, check out another news piece about it - or 'like' RD Studios on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest. The original forums post can be found here.

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