RD Studios Release New Previews of Los Angeles Landmarks Pack, Riverside Airport

Monday, February 25, 2019

It's been less than a month since we last reported on Rising Dawn Studios' upcoming Riverside (KRAL) scenery, at which stage developer Peter Suranyi was working on buildings surrounding the Californian airport. Now though, attention appears to have turned towards refinements of the LA landmarks pack, to be included in the scenery.

In numerous posts on the development thread over on the X-Plane.org Forum, Suranyi, under the alias Susu986, showcases work done to the aforementioned "environment buildings", as well as some new shots of the Los Angeles VFR landmarks pack at distance, showing that these objects don't "fade out" from distances they should clearly be visible at.

One of the more pressing issues the developer touches on in his status updates is the potential obsolescence of his own VFR pack with the announcement of LA landmarks coming in a free update to X-Plane soon. He refutes this sentiment, saying that Laminar would usually only produce 3-4 buildings for any given city and that his pack would contain far more objects than any default X-Plane version.

You can see all this and more on the Riverside development thread here.

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