ShortFinal Design Releases SFD Global

Sol Vashez
Saturday, October 5, 2019

Announced back in February by ShortFinal Design (MisterX6), SFD Global pledged to majorly revamp the look of  X-Plane. Using high definition textures that would replace the default terrain, compatibility with various other popular products such as UHD mesh and Ortho4XP, reworked forests, global autogen buildings, and popular world monuments, SFD Global has had the community’s attention since the beginning.

Today, after many months of anticipation, SFD Global has finally released. The final version, in addition to the announced features, contains autogen in Africa and the Middle East, Australia, East Asia, the Mediterranean, New England, Scandinavia, South America, and the US West Coast all in 4K textures with performance optimization. All textures are based on high-resolution aerial imagery and photorealistic ground textures. 

SFD Global is available for purchase now on the store for US $30.00.

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