REX Simulations To Port Products to X-Plane

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Uber-popular Prepar3D/FSX developers REX Simulations have announced in a live-stream that they're working with X-Plane in a bid to port Environment Force, a product that is currently in beta for Prepar3D, to Laminar's sim.

The developer is also known for Sky Force 3D, which is a full solution for weather, with both textures and an engine included.

The clip, broadcast on Twitch just an hour or so ago, sees the developers discuss whether they should even be talking about the subject (X-Plane) in this live-stream, before giving in and saying the following:

"We're working.. we can disclose that.. we are working with some tests with X-Plane. Obviously we need to get this product out first but the idea is to even to port this to X-Plane. The answer is yes. I'd say we are in the development phase - an early one."

You can find out more over on the REX Simulations Twitch channel, which you can find here.

NOTE: All screenshots used in this article are from the Prepar3D/FSX versions of REX's products.

We apologise for the clip being cut off somewhat - the full VOD can be found here.

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