Released: FSEnhancer 0.5 out, 4K runways & ReShade to come

By: Peter Tram
June 15, 2018

Enrico Del Bono, the developer behind the popular shader injection and enviroment add-on FSEnhancer, has released version 0.5 of FSEnhancer as promised on Wednesday. With the introduction of new varied-resolution cloud texture options, sky rendering and new runway texturing, users will experience a complete makeover in how the simulator looks. Three new shading features is introduced in this version: TrueHaze, TrueWaves, and TrueShade.

Features include:

You may download in this LINK

In the next update to 0.5, the rest of the features such as new 4K runway textures and ReShade Injector will be released.

Images form previous post we've covered: