Republic P-47 Thunderbolt by FlyingIron Available Tomorrow

Alex John
October 4, 2018

The duo of brothers from FlyingIron Simulations have announced their Republic P-47 Thunderbolt will be available tomorrow!

One of the most popular aircraft used by the United States of America and Allied nations, over 15,000 P-47s were built during the second World War. Its load capacity and design allowed it to succeed as both an escort fighter, and be effective in ground attacks. Its powerful Pratt & Witney R-2800-77 engine can output more than 2,800 horsepower, and allow the aircraft to reach altitudes up to 43,000 feet - higher than most commercial aircraft flying today.

The aircraft features professional 3D modelling and texturing, including PBR:

Good looks need sounds to contemplate them, and the FMOD sound set included does just that:

In addition, the flight model and engine characteristics of the P-47 show the level of detail FlyingIron Simulations have implemented:

The systemshave been modelled just like the real P-47:

And to top it off, a few additional features to add the finishing touch:

The aircraft will be available to purchase over at