AOA Simulations Vans RV-8 V1.3 and T-X Previews

Sunday, August 11, 2019

AOA Simulations has shared details of the next update to their Vans RV-8 through Facebook, as well as sharing a couple of shots of the T-X.

Regarding the RV-8, V1.2 was released back at the beginning of July, and today sees the first glimpse of V1.3.

The first of two Facebook posts today, AOA Simulations spoke out about their somewhat quiet absence, stating that "some minor health problems forced me to take a short break."

Despite this, work by Agi Schwalm sees reflections inside the canopy, new FMOD sounds, and a small adjustment to the trim buttons on the stick.

In the same post, the developer also briefly outlined T-X developed. Announced back in April, the jet fighter has already seen many development previews, and the ejection seat plus HUD were in focus:

Then in another post, more images of the aircraft "flying the Mach Loop" were shown:

Additional screenshots can be found on their Facebook page.

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