HST Simulations Updates RealView Next to Version 1.01

April 10, 2021


HST Simulations has updated their RealView plugin to bring new features to the camera plugin, the update brings the plugin up to version 1.01. New features brought with the update include new UI hints, smooth camera transitions and diagnostic windows.

HST Simulation released the new “Next” version of the plugin on the first of March and teased this new update in late March.

HST Simulations is behind many utility plugins for X-Plane, such as their water tweaking plugin “Ultimate Water Enhancement”. HST also has their own weather rendering plugin, xAmbience. The plugin is due to receive a new version in the near future bringing many new features such as volumetric clouds and atmosphere. This new update will be free for existing users but will see a price increase for the plugin for new users.

HST also recently teased a new unnamed aircraft project in the first of their Weakly Recaps. The community quickly identified the project as a form of Bombardier Challenger, although no further comment has still been given by the dev group. Find our summary of the HST Weakly Recap #1 in our previous article.

A full changelog can be found below:

  • Added UI help tips for manipulators;
  • Added new smooth camera transitions (temporary fix);
  • Added diagnostics window;
  • Added new file config boot system (increase file loading in 5 times);
  • Added missing commands to commands processor;
  • Added test compatibility with TrackIR;
  • Added more ground surface effects;
  • Fixed manual appearence position;
  • Fixed about window appearence position;
  • Fixed profiles selection issue;
  • Fixed sudden head turns of ground roll, heading, pitch banks on ground;
  • Fixed profiles: Jet Airliner; Heavy Metal and Fighter;
  • Fixed sliders position "auto-null" when you change the effect state
  • Fixed issue with howtoinstall.txt in store build;
  • Fixed auto turn off of X-Camera Mode when you change camera profile;
  • Fixed auto turn off of Preview Mode when you change camera profile;
  • Fixed ability to use 2D views;
  • Fixed engine RPM effect table;
  • Fixed speed of touchdown effect play;

RealView Next is available to purchase for $19.95 from the X-Plane.org Store. To update your plugin, users are to redownload the plugin from their order.

HST Simulations can be joined in their Discord Server where they regularly post previews, sometimes exclusive to the platform.

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