Leading Edge Simulations Updates Saab 340A to V1.6

February 21, 2021

Announced via a post on the X-Pilot forums, Leading Edge Aviation (LES) has announced that their highly anticipated update for the Saab 340 A has released. The update ships with an extremely length changelog with headline changes including complete manipulator remodelling, fixing animations and adjustment of control surfaces.

This update to the Saab has been long-awaited, since the last update of the aircraft in September 2018. With users experiencing many minor bugs within the aircraft, the update has been welcomed by all users, fixing all of these bugs experienced.

LES is also working on bringing out a completely new version of their DC-3, with many development updates having been posted over the past few months. The latest of these development updates was shared only 3 days ago, on the 18th of February. The focus of this update was on the navigation equipment that will come with the aircraft, including radio navigation. Read the full summary of the development post in our latest article on LES.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • All manipulators have been remodelled. Most manipulators have new manipulator logic implemented.
  • Torque Max lockout no longer too easy to go into TM lockout with manipulator - especially on approach.
  • Bank angle under autopilot control now restored to be unrestricted.
  • Throttle display graphics were not aligned with throttles/each other.
  • TOGA mode was not working according to real-world ops.  Engaging TOGA now announces FMA mode (GA in both lateral and vertical FMA).  Second press silences the disconnect warning.
  • IAS mode. In some cases, IAS mode would not capture the selected speed.
  • STDBY TO/FROM indicator changes when selecting CRS 2. Adjusting the VHF nav source tuned on NAV 2 would affect the standby nav indicator.
  • FMA continuous flashing fixed.
  • IAS Speed Bug. EADI now sync’s to mechanical IAS speed bug while on the ground.
  • Trim and flap extension speeds adjusted.
  • Added control deflection ratio to nosewheel steering.
  • Fixed animation of entry stairs.
  • Manipulator and animation for steering tiller fixed.
  • Control surface animations adjusted.
  • Added ability to map a single axis to “Prop” for control of both condition levers via a common manipulator.
  • Added aircraft “state reset” on exit.
  • Fine-tuned deflection time on control surfaces.
  • Added logic to sync the CRS1 dial and the VOR dial.
  • Added custom autopilot constraints and removed artificial stability properties.
  • Changed angle of roll in yokes from 45° to 75°.
  • Corrected rudder pedals animation and added toe brakes.
  • Added PBR to all glass.
  • Altitude Selector now reading in increments of 100 feet.
  • Adjusted logic for setting X-Plane autopilot altitude.
  • Added logic to prevent the door from opening in flight or releasing parking brake while the door is open.
  • Changed logic on CWP oil pressure warning to eliminate N1 parameter.
  • Fixed erroneous config alert when aircraft is not powered.
  • Adjusted aircraft friction coefficient.
  • Logic changed for avionics switches.
  • Fixed formatting of AIRAC info as per file spec for G530.
  • Nav 1 frequency selector logic fixed for NAV 1 pop-up.
  • Added logic to include new X-Plane datarefs for radio audio volume and changed logic for setting audio listening selection.
  • Converted airfoils to the latest format.
  • Newly textured annunciators with PBR and spill lights.
  • New detent manipulators added to Condition Levers. Now physically need to lift the levers and push them forward.
  • New logic added for Condition Levers.
  • Added a common manipulator to condition levers for mouse control of both manipulators.
  • Fixed radio panel/weather radar textures on the centre console.
  • Added new logic to all switch guards on overhead and centre console.
  • Updated air conditioning temp selector switch logic.
  • Fixed engine anti-ice manipulators.
  • Lighting rheostat bug fixed.
  • Airspeed test button logic fixed.
  • Changed RMI selector logic and manipulators.
  • Fixed error in Autopilot logic.
  • Artificial Horizon fixed
  • Flight number tumblers animation fixed.
  • Improved logic for Autopilot and Yaw Damper.
  • Improved logic for Fire handles.
  • Heading/Slave function enabled.
  • NAV 2 frequency fixed.
  • Adjustment made to ITT values.
  • ADF2 MEM/XFR switch logic.
  • CTOT parameters adjusted.
  • Constant Speed pitch change speed adjusted.
  • Bleed valve reset logic changed.
  • Fuel cross-feed logic adjusted.
  • Decision Height logic fixed.
  • Ignitor switch logic fixed.
  • Engine torque fixed as a result of CTOT fix.
  • Added hash marks to rudder trim texture.
  • Fixed animations to temp select switches.
  • First Officer Decision Height logic fixed.
  • APA flag animation changed.
  • Audio Panel functionality improved.
  • Changed GPS CDI to auto-set OBS.
  • Fixed Prop Pump logic.
  • Heading Sync on AHARS alignment adjusted.
  • ADF1 GUI MEM logic improved.
  • Fixed bug when landing (engines and generators shut down).
  • Fixed Flap indicator textures on the centre console.
  • Added logic for altimeter test.
  • Adjusted Gear Handle textures.
  • Changed Anti-Skid Switch to default to “ON”
  • Fixed standby pitot logic (on/OFF reversed)
  • Changed power source of Torque Gauges
  • Corrected course value bug (indicating negative)
  • Fixed faulty CONFIG warning @ max CL position
  • Changed gust lock PL restriction parameters
  • Fixed LIT assignment on cabin pressure fault light
  • Corrected nose wheel steering logic
  • Removed scroll zoom user pref
  • Fixed FO DSP selector knob restrictions
  • Corrected ignition switch/guard interaction logic
  • Updated artificial horizon cage knob logic
  • Adde sim command interaction for IAS Knob
  • Wiper animation speed to park-adjusted
  • Changed Gust Lock Release to be detented
  • Updated temp control logic (manual mode not implemented at this time)
  • LIN/ANG display logic fixed
  • ADF default function position set to “ADF”
  • Changed default pressurization mode to “AUTO”
  • Adjusted COM1 bus power logic

To update their aircraft, users are to log into their X-Aviation account and redownload the downloader from their original Saab 340A order.

If you do not already own the LES Saab 340A, it is available to purchase for $49.99 from the X-Aviation store.

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