Star Atlas Announces Beijing Daxing (ZBAD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator

September 18, 2020

Star Atlas is beginning to dab into the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator with the announcement of Beijing Daxing (ZBAD).

The developer informed Threshold that they are now in the process of developing scenery products for MSFS, and that ZBAD would be their first product release for the new platform.

Daxing was released for X-Plane 11 in November last year, but it seems as though Star Atlas was unhappy with all building models and has therefore remodelled them all for MSFS, including the terminal interior.

These changes will also apply to the X-Plane 11 counterpart in an upcoming version 2 which will be free for existing users.

Star Atlas added a release date is not yet available and is “subject to the release of MSFS’s DRM.”

Below are a few previews of ZBAD in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which pay particular attention to the details in the new building modelling.

Version 1.4 of ZBAD for X-Plane 11 is available to buy for US $21.80 today.

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