Star Atlas Releases Beijing Daxing International Airport

November 23, 2019

Star Atlas has today released their rendition of Beijing Daxing International Airport (ZBAD), located in its respective city and district in China.

Set to become one of the world's busiest airports, Beijing Daxing opened in September and is planned to serve up to 100 million passengers every year by 2025.

We have been given exclusive previews of the airport from the developer on two occasions; the most recent was at the end of October.

Features of the airport are as follows:

  • HD Ground Texture
  • Animated jetways (SAM needed)
  • Animated Hangar Doors (SAM needed)
  • Vehicles with Chinese characteristic
  • Orthoimage with commercial license
  • Customized vegetation
  • Highly accurate taxiway guidance sign
  • Customized dynamic lighting
  • Animated airport ground traffic
  • Experimental underground structure (Refers to User Manual for further information)
  • Compatible with Gateway & P3D Scenery
  • Detailed terminal includes internal structure
  • Excellent night effect
  • Free updates

The developer also notes: "As the first Chinese payware scenery for X-Plane, we have shown our full awareness on copyright, legality, legitimacy and community response.

"This scenery represents the first step towards the globalization of Chinese community, where it also provided, and paved another feasible road to other similar development."

For further screenshots and to purchase the airport for US $21.80, check out the product page at Threshold, or

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