Microsoft Flight Simulator Replay Freeware 'SaltyReplay' Announced

December 23, 2020

From the same freeware developer that is building on the default Boeing 747-8i, Salty Simulations, comes a self-named third party replay software called 'SaltyReplay'.

The idea is largely self-explanatory, with users able to record and replay their flights in the simulator as currently replay functionality is missing in Microsoft Flight Simulator by default.

Lead developer Ninjo says that the user interface is still under construction, with a 'couple [of] essential components remaining'.

"The core replay functionality is also partly implemented, but needs to be worked on more. The most important thing is that.. it replays!", he says.

As is the case with the 747 project, SaltyReplay is completely open-source, with a GitHub page having been set up for would-be contributors to share their work. If you are interested in assisting, see the group's Discord chat server for more information.

"Anyone is welcome to contribute, and help from people that may know Rust and/or React would be much appreciated."

As the source code is publicly available, users can elect to download and install the tool, though the developer recommends that, in short, 'the average simmer shouldn't' because SaltyReplay is still in early development.

For now, two screenshots and one video of the tool in action have been provided, though we'll doubtlessly see more in the coming weeks.

You can learn more in Salty Simulations' Discord chat server.

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