Stairport Releases SAM FollowMe for X-Plane

November 26, 2020

The latest addon to the Scenery Animation Manager suite is now available, with SAM FollowMe for X-Plane 11 having released today. The plugin mimics a real-world follow-me car, which guides aircraft to and from the ramp.

Stairport's creation uses 'intelligent routing logic' to guide users through airport taxi networks and is able to detect any parking spot. Also included is a 3D marshaller who will guide you into position.

"Never lose yourself at an airport again with the FollowMe SAM extension," reads the product description. "SAM FollowMe guides you to any parking position at any airport. Choose your favorite parking space and follow the FollowMe vehicle to your destination in realistic or user-friendly driving mode."

The following feature list was provided:

  • FollowMe service at all airports (including standard airports)
  • Compatible with all standard and add-on aircraft
  • 5 different animated vehicles, depending on the airport and region
  • Realistic driving behavior (acceleration, braking, etc.) - using the standard taxi network
  • Driving mode: Target speed with automatic distance calculation, acceleration and deceleration (standard)
  • Driving mode: Fixed distance according to the speed of the user aircraft (user friendly)
  • Intelligent routing + parking logic
  • 3D marshaler to waving into the parking position
  • Support for add-on sceneries: Custom vehicle objects can be added - Existing 3D marshalers are automatically overwritten

To function, the addon requires the Scenery Animation Manager plugin, which is available to download from the Threshold Forum here.

Purchase SAM FollowMe for $19.99 USD from the Aerosoft Store.

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