Stairport Sceneries Announces SAM Airport Vehicles

September 11, 2020

Stairport Sceneries has announced the latest of many expansions to be released for their Suite of Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) products.

The latest addition to the family, announced via a press release today is “SAM Airport Vehicles”, and is being worked on in cooperation with popular scenery designer ShortFinal Design (aka. MisterX). The expansion is set to replace default vehicles at airports with regional variation to vehicles.

The SAM lineup of products has vastly expanded since the base gate animation, marshaller and VDGS plugin was released in late 2018. The family now stands strong with default tree replacements all the way to static aircraft additions and seasons.

As a developer, Stairport typically releases under the Aerosoft brand and is behind the recently released German Islands scenery for X-Plane and St Tropez for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Stairport is also working on Greater Moncton International Airport (CYQM) and other projects for the X-Plane platform.

Although no full definitive feature list has yet been provided, a summary of the features has been provided, these include:

  • Worldwide support: Vehicles will be replaced all over the world on any airport using default objects.
  • HD Objects: All objects using highest quality standard including full PBR textures.
  • Region System: 3 different vehicle sets will be places in real-time depending on the region (displayed in images below).
  • Customisation: Create custom liveries and apply them per airport or even integrate your own object.

The developer is yet to provide a timeframe or additional details on the product, but it was stated that the expansion had entered beta testing stages of development.

The full press release can be read on the press release, published by Stairport Sceneries on their Facebook Page.

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