Threshold Exclusive: Star Atlas ZBAD WIP Previews

Sol Vashez
Thursday, October 31, 2019

About a month ago, Beijing Daxing International Airport, also known as ZBAD, opened at the border of Beijing, China adding a second major international airport to the region. The terminal, famous for being the largest single-structure terminal in the world, helps to address China’s recent air traffic boom by providing more space for additional service to Beijing from various airlines. 

Next month, developer Star Atlas is set to release their rendition of ZBAD for X-Plane 11. As of Threshold’s latest update from the developer, they are currently working on surrounding roads and taxiways around the airport and high-performance night textures while also balancing the difficulty of out-of-date ortho scenery.

Akin to Star Atlas’ previous sceneries, ZBAD will be a highly detailed rendition of the entire airport. Taking up over 11,000,000 square feet, the project is a massive undertaking and will be a welcome addition to the plethora of high-quality X-Plane scenery. Asia has typically lacked the heavy engagement scenery developers have with airports in Europe and North America. Stricter airport regulations prevent developers from gathering details necessary for recreating Asian scenes. However, because of projects like MisterX6’s Japan Pro, demand for sceneries in the Asian region is getting a much-needed boost, opening a new area of the scenery market.

Star Atlas’ ZBAD will be released in November, a conservative estimate by the developer.

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