Threshold Exclusive: Star Atlas Debuts Hefei-Xinqiao Airport

Monday, June 1, 2020

Six months on from the release of their first X-Plane scenery project, Star Atlas have unveiled plans for their second airport, in the form of a conversion of RouteAnn Studio's Hefei-Xinqiao Airport.

Located 500km west of Shanghai, the airport serves the 7-million strong city of Hefei and the wider Anhui Province. Citing that he wanted to work on a more rural airport, Xu said that X-Plane "lacks such a provincial airport [in China]."

Hefei-Xinqiao was therefore inserted into Star Atlas' development timeline, right after Dunhuang (ZLDH), which was announced earlier this year. It is unclear which will be released first.

In an email to Threshold, Xu explains that this isn't just a regular conversion, as all of the buildings have been completely re-done for the X-Plane environment. The following features will also be included:

  • Dynamic lighting
  • Chinese-style ground vehicles
  • Terminal interiors
  • PBR materials throughout
  • SAM jetways
  • HD ground textures

Currently, work is focused on ground clutter, static aircraft and other ground-based objects. Xu expects that the scenery will be ready by July, though, citing the global pandemic which gripped his country not months ago, this is very much subject to change.

The proposed price points for the Western world sit at 12.98 EUR and $13.98 USD - copies will be sold on the Threshold Store, simMarket and the Store.

Learn more about the developer's previous work, Beijing Daxing, in a previous article.

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