VirtualDesign3D Releases Santiago 2020

February 7, 2020

South American developer VirtualDesign3D has released their second payware product for X-Plane, this time in partnership with publisher Aerosoft after their debut airport, Alicante, was self published all the way back in September 2018.

As with Alicante, the developer remained very quiet throughout the process of release, as if to spring the new scenery on users least expecting it.

Whatever the case, Aerosoft claims this new rendition of the airport stands out "due to its accurate reproduction of the real airport and all its surrounding buildings. The new airport scenery has a new terminal of over 200.000 m2, therefore the new facilities will provide Santiago airport with a space of 320.000 m²."

Utilising many features consistent with a high quality scenery such as PBR specular maps, HDR lighting and ambient occulusion, the airport and surrounding city play host to over 250 custom objects, in addition to terminal interiors, animated jetways, helicopters and people to name a few.

The full feature list includes:

  • Extremely detailed and realistic recreation the real Airport
  • Interior modeling only boarding area new (very detailed)
  • Ambient occlusion in main textures
  • (PBR) Specular maps for objects and ground poly
  • Over 250 buildings, highly detailed
  • Custom animated jetways, custom texture and numbered
  • Custom runways and taxiways (Reflex normal map)
  • Custom taxilines, borderlines and ground markings
  • HDR lighting with custom night textures
  • Animated helicopters (Force Aerea Chilean)
  • Animated walking people boarding aircraft
  • Customized forest and vegetation 3D (grass, palms, plants)
  • Custom surrounding areas
  • Customized models for traffic vehicles to terminal
  • Static objects, vehicles and aircraft
  • World Traffic 3 compatible
  • Ortho4XP compatible

VirtualDesign3D's Santiago City and Airport 2020 are available for $19.99 USD (excl. VAT) from the Aerosoft online store. Alternatively, find out more about the developer's previous project - Alicante - in a previous article.

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