SimCoders Release Version 4 of their Reality Expansion Pack

Alex John
Friday, February 1, 2019

SimCoders' Reality Expansion Pack (REP) has been updated to version 4, and with it comes an array of new features that revolve around an economy system.

The main idea behind the economy system is that it rewards flight time and landings with virtual dollars, which can then be spent on fuel, maintenance and more.

The update is free of charge for existing REP users, and is compatible with all REPs (including those not on sale anymore). As such, the new economy system allows for your hard earned cash to be shared across all REP-enabled aircraft, so if you can't afford new parts for the B58, you can fly another aircraft to fund the maintenance costs for example.

REP works with FSEconomy, but the two do not communicate or share data with each other. Talks with FSEconomy is however going on in the background so the two can be integrated together in the future.

Check out the previews shared in their blog post:

To update, use the SkunkCrafts Updater. The Reality Expansion Packs series can be found on SimCoders' website, where you can choose from eight available aircraft.

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