SimCoders Release Reality Expansion Pack (REP) for Carenado B58 Baron

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

SimCoders has released their Reality Expansion Pack (REP) for the Baron B58 by Carenado, which in itself is an entirely new aircraft from its X-Plane 10 predecessor.

Available for US $19.99 at the store, the features of REP are distributed across a multitude of aircraft is available across, and fine-tuned for each specific aircraft of course.

Existing users of the X-Plane 10 REP can receive a 40% discount off the X-Plane 11 version.

A small update to the C172 was also released (V4.1.1) by SimCoders, improving the pitching moment of flaps.

The news was posted to SimCoders' blog on their website.

REP was updated with FSEconomy integration not too long ago in V4.1. V4 was released at the beginning of February.

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