SFD Global Updated with New Forests and Mediterranean Buildings

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

An update to SFD Global, developed by ShortFinal Design, is now available for new and existing customers to use.

Released at the beginning of October, SFD Global replaces X-Plane's default autogen, ground textures, and forests to introduce a more realistic landscape.

Today's update, versioned 1.1, consists of the addition of inner-city buildings to the Mediterranean region; completely reworked forests with better textures, more realistic colours, more density, region specific vegetation and more; standard resolution option for terrain textures added; and a fix for "autogen buildings on low/medium object density settings (flat buildings instead of dark shadows)."

The update was mentioned by its creator, MisterX6, on the x-plane.org forum. SFD Global is available for US $30.00 at x-plane.org's store.

ShortFinal Design also recently previewed an update to Salt Lake City International recently - further details here. The developer is available to follow on Facebook.

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