ShortFinal Design Previews Update to Salt Lake City

Dave Neely
Friday, November 1, 2019

ShortFinal Design has announced an update to KSLC today, bringing the scenery up to date with his latest releases. The tentative changelog list is filled with items that will add greatly to the airport

  • Added light spill to taxiway signs
  • Added new PBR ground textures
  • Added rain and snow effects on the ground
  • Added SAM support with full custom jetways and DGS
  • Added winter version
  • Information boards now dynamically display time, pressure, temperature
  • Replaced vehicles with new PBR models
  • Reworked and downscaled normal maps (better visuals, less VRAM usage)

Included in a Facebook post as well as a post on, here are several images to show off the changes listed.

In the Facebook post, MisterX6 also mentioned a pending update to his Global package with new inner-city buildings for the Mediterranean region as well as a few other improvements. According to MrX6, “KSLC will be released later this month.” He also pointed out that the update is free for all existing owners. 

Writer’s note: In both of his posts MisterX6 titled SLC as version 1.5 but the images say 1.1. As such we left out the version number until we can clarify it with him, we will update the post at that point with the correct information.

Threshold would like to thank Vinniethegreat  for the tip on our Discord server.

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