Threshold Exclusive: Wealth of New SFD Global Previews

Alex John
Thursday, September 26, 2019

Threshold has been given the pleasure once again of presenting an array of new screenshots and information regarding SFD Global. The texture replacement package by ShortFinal Design is to cover vast swathes of planet Earth with new ground textures, custom autogen, forests, and more.

In this exclusive, we have obtained 40 screenshots from ShortFinal Design of various locations around the world, including Asia, North Africa, Scandinavia and others.

We announced the package back in February and since then, many development updates have been shared.


South Asia

"SFD Global is the all-in-one solution for a more immersive X-Plane world, combining new high-definition ground textures and forests with custom autogen from all over the world. New region specific autogen models will make each flight a unique experience, while modern rendering techniques like baked ambient occlusion and PBR materials will create a more realistic experience."

SFD Global – Terrain textures and forests

  • Completely new, photorealistic ground textures
  • Based on high-resolution aerial imagery
  • Between 2k and 4k resolution
  • Compatible with default and third-party meshes

SFD Global – Autogen

  • Eight different regions: Africa and Middle East, Australia, East Asia, Mediterranean, New England, Scandinavia, South America, US West Coast
  • New unique 3D buildings for each region
  • PBR materials and baked ambient occlusion
    Handcrafted 4k textures

SFD Global – Forests

  • Completely new 4k textures
  • More realistic size and density
  • Lots of tree variants for different biomes


New England

North Africa


South America

West Coast

Landmark: Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

SFD Global is expected to be released sometime next week. We also have another 40 images to share with you before then, which will focus on the Mediterranean, global terrain textures, and trees. We will publish these this weekend.

ShortFinal Design can be followed on Facebook. See the forum thread here.

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