ShortFinal Drops New San Francisco Definitive Previews

October 2, 2021


X-Plane Scenery Developer MisterX/Justin Kissling, also known under his commercial brand as ShortFinal Design, has just released more teaser screenshots of his upcoming KSFO Definitive Scenery for X-Plane 11. He took to the forums earlier today to explain his progress on his next payware airport. Announced near the end of June, this is the second major update that's published.

Off the bat, everything has been redeveloped from the ground up, with entirely new sets of texturing for the groundwork to the new 3D modelling, both graced with the developer's newfound skills in PBR texturing in Substance, a process Kissling has experimented and explored in the recent freeware Hakodate Airport in Japan, released near the end of last year. For San Francisco Definitive, one of the features is the wide adoption of SAM for specific building animations, in this update, Kissling explains how the plugin drives the hangar door animation:

“Here are some new previews, showing a few of the hangars that can be opened with SAM, as well as some of the new buildings like the Grand Hyatt and the long-term parking garage.”

A small but mostly definitive feature list was provided that summarise the major points of the scenery;

  • Accurately modeled terminals with PBR materials and interiors 
  • Up to date layout and buildings, including the new terminal 1 
  • Custom SAM jetways 
  • Detailed night lighting 4k ground textures with rain effects 
  • AI taxi routes 
  • 15cm/px orthoimagery

Kissling has not specified an exact release date but he looks to finish the scenery by the end of the year. He also has not specified an exact price. If you’d like to look into ShortFinal Design’s products you can go look at them over at the .Org Store. For the source post on the forum, visit the thread.

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