ShortFinal Design Releases Freeware Hakodate (RJCH) for X-Plane

November 28, 2020

In his first freeware release since December 2018, ShortFinal Design mastermind MisterX6 has debuted Hakodate Airport on the Forum today - it's now available for download.

The airport is located on the northernmost island of Japan - Hokkaido.

Making use of PBR texturing and SAM integration, this latest freeware release is as modern as X-Plane sceneries come - with details such as terminal interiors and 3D people milling around.

The full feature list is as follows:

  • Highly detailed models of all buildings
  • PBR textures made with Substance Painter
  • High definition ground textures with rain effects
  • Terminal interiors with 3D people
  • Custom SAM jetways
  • Custom mesh that can be merged with own meshes (using MUXP)

To install, simply unpack the provided zip file and copy the scenery and mesh folders into your Custom Scenery folder. The 'Runways follow terrain contours' checkbox must be enabled for this scenery.

Download from the Forum here.

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