X-Europe 3.0 Previewed by simHeaven

Alex John
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

simHeaven has shown the first preview of V3 of the popular freeware scenery enhancement X-Europe.

Posted on their website, a 16:26 video of a flight from Mollis Switzerland (LSMF) to Altenrhein airport (LSZR) shows off the Alps, whilst flying along Walensee and Rhine River:

In this video, Ortho4XP was used for the ground textures.

A second video dedicated to 3.0 was also posted a month ago:

X-Europe is a freeware scenery package that uses accurate OpenStreetMap (OSM) data to place objects and roads with much higher precision than the default data.

Discover the freeware package in one of our No Money Mondays:

Community: No Money Mondays: X-Europe
Community: No Money Mondays: X-Europe

Thanks to Ghostfire in our Discord server for pointing us to X-Europe 3.0.

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