Skyline Simulations Dash 8 Series Status Update

Sam Clark
Friday, February 8, 2019

Greek development group Skyline Simulations have released more information about their in-development Bombardier Dash 8 series for X-Plane. When released, the product will cover three variants of the turboprop airliner - the 39-passenger Q100, the improved 39-seater Q200 and the sleeker 50-seat Q300.

Skyline's first aircraft project was unexpectedly announced in September 2018 and was received with excitement from the community. Since then, progress on the Dash 8 series has been overshadowed by other Skyline projects such as their upcoming Toronto Billy Bishop scenery and others.

In a post on the group's Facebook page, the developers give a brief status update on the aircraft and a glimpse at the radio panel on the Q200.

"Did we mention that not only you will have the opportunity to fly all the 3 variants, that means the Q100/200/300, but you will also get 2 versions of each variant and that means "clean" and "used" version? Now we do! Below, you get a first glimpse of the Radio Panel! Do you like it"  

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