TFDi Design Provides Further Information on smartCARS 3

November 26, 2020

TFDi Design, a developer in FSX and P3D who has recently expanded their horizon to other simulators with new products like PACX being released, have provided new information on an update to their virtual airline tracker smartCARS.

A new member on the team has significantly helped in developing version three of the plugin according to the forum post, with ‘immense’ progress made in only the short time he has been on the project.  

Changing tack somewhat, something new with version three is the need for only one version of the software. “With a new login system, only one version of smartCARS will need to be installed at any one time.”

This means that you won’t need to install a new version of smartCARS if you wish to fly a different airline that uses a “single, integrated login system,” they say.

A mock-up new login page.

Once logged in, you will be greeted with a page that lists different airlines for you to fly for; as well, you can paste the URL of the airline you want to fly.

This new login process can be seen in the picture below. Though keep in mind, the developer has stated that this new system is still in its early development stages, meaning things can always change.

“In addition to the much improved login page, we have an overhauled look on the dashboard,” stated the developer. This allows news articles from the virtual airline you fly for to be seen in the tracker, as well as any service updates from TFDi are visible.

The chat area also features a new design, though according to the developer, “the script used to run the chat functionality still needs to be written.”

The announcement ended with the promise that smartCARS 3 is “starting to take traction (sic) and development is certainly well underway as we approach the end of 2020.” The developer is also hopeful that their effort towards the plugin will pay off, and “a working version of the application will be ready in the near future, especially now the layout and design features are taking shape.” 

TFDi has also confirmed that a release date for smartCARS 3 isn’t known yet. But they did confirm one more thing, saying “that for our developers, a fully functional API will be developed alongside it, allowing for easy interaction with the application and full support for phpVMS 7 out-of-the-box and the ability to support custom software with the API.”

Suggestions for smartCARS 3 can be made on their forums.

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