SmartCopilot Version 3 Released

Jordan Davison
Thursday, August 1, 2019

The popular shared cockpit plugin for X-Plane 11, SmartCopilot, has been updated to version 3. Version 3 brings new ways for users to fly together with a much simpler process as well as extensive new features and fixes.

Part of the new version brings a new connection method, dubbed as "SkyServer mode." This new method no longer requires exchanging IP and port address, as traditionally required. Users only now require one connection-ID number that is shared with their flight partner and that's it! Furthermore, the developers speak of continuing to search for a cheap backed service for user management, which will make the connection even simplier. Users will be able to connect with each other from any location in the world (with some exceptions). As said from Mr. Roman Liubich, "Joining the flight session should be as simple as a Skype call."

Several of the new features and fixes consist of:

  • New single-window UI – many users don’t want to jump between different windows to set up the plugin.
  • Fixed VR compatibility issues.
  • Hotkey to hide/show UI.
  • Switchable TRANSPONDER section in the configuration files – transponder could be enabled/disabled from UI (very handy for IVAO/VATSIM shared flights)
  • Switchable WEATHER section – weather synchronization could be enabled/disabled from UI.
  • Only Master’s config file is taken into account – no need to share the files between users before the flight.
  • INCLUDE section – a new way to define synchronization for the external plugins like BetterPushback etc. (planned)
  • Improved aircraft position synchronization preventing micro jitter on Slave.
  • Observer mode for a third pilot (planned).
  • Demo mode changed to 30 min of unlimited flight to test all plugin features.
  • Many other improvements and fixes.

Users can read more regarding the update by checking out the initial announcement on the Sky4crew website and can download the new version by visiting the downloads page on the same website. Thanks and credit to Ves on our discord server for the news tip!

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