Maps2XPlane Releases Society Islands Scenery for X-Plane on Aerosoft

September 2, 2021

Renowned terrain specialist Maps2XPlane is back with a new release, this time, a trip to the tropics with a rendition of western Society Islands covering Bora Bora and Leeward Islands. The two landmasses constitute the western part of Society Islands and is primarily served with light aircraft, regional turboprops like the ATR, and business jets, so for those who crave a scenic journey on a Cessna or a Global Express - this is a fitting addition to your scenery library.

The scenery itself is a faithful replication of the spectacular cluaster of islands and atolls, with multiple points of interests to explore, from sandy beaches to the terranous mountains inland, the location is both an exotic and luxurious enclave for those with plenty of green in their pockets. For Maps2Xplane, the scenery features the custom terrain work that they're known for, laid out with photorealistic texturing, dense and localised vegetation, as well as handplaced roads and sea routes, not to mention the hundreds of custom modelled and textured and buildings that populate across the area.

Five detailed airport renditions and five helipads comes bundled in the scenery:


  • Bora Bora (NTTB)
  • Raiatea (NTTR)
  • Huahine – Fare (NTTH)
  • Maupiti (NTTP)
  • Tupai (NTTU)


  • Tahiti Nui Helicopters Pago dropzone (XHNTTZ)
  • Four Seasons Helipad (XHNTTF)
  • Saint Regis Helipad (XHNTTS)
  • Le Meridien Helipad (XHNTTM)
  • InterContinental Helipad (XHNTTI)
  • Le Taha‘a Helipad (XHNTTT)

The feature list is short and astute, but general covers what one would expect on a modern flight simulation scenery product, the product utilises SAM for animated marshalls at airports.

  • Detailed terrain mesh with photo-realistic textures for the landscape and the sea
  • Custom overlay with dense tropical vegetation and country-typical autogen-buildings  
  • High-detailed renditions of five regional airports and six helipads on the islands  
  • Hundreds of custom buildings and objects including PBR-Textures and Night-Textures
  • Implementation of the Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) e.g., animated Marshallers
  • Coverage: Bora Bora and all the Leeward Islands in the Society Islands archipelago

Society Islands XP has an asking price of 31.08 Euros, excluding VAT, purchase the scenery here on Aerosoft. Read the original announcement on their blog post here. As per usual, we'll keep you in the loop with M2XP developments! Thanks to user aquarius_VI for the scoop!

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