Threshold Exclusive: Stairport debuts Tromso for X-Plane!

Peter Tram
Thursday, July 5, 2018

Another lovely handcrated masterpiece from the MSFS side is coming to X-Plane! Welcome ENTC Tromso Airport by Aerosoft/Jo Erlend Sund, ported to X-Plane by Stairport Sceneries.

Originally created for the ESP platform, Stairport has taken the task to bring it to X-Plane, as usual with Stairport's conversion efforts and Jo Erlend's skilled digital craftmanship, it is high quality as usual.

Standard Stairport product features include custom mesh modelling like with Bergen, closely replicating the airport's terrain.

3rd party standards adoption includes compatibility with TerraMaxx for winter season, and ships with mapped WorldTraffic3 files, AutoGate Plugin compatible jetways, custom night lighting, and so on. The scenery package has been optimised and modelled to maximise FPS performance.

A welcome addition to Jo Erlend's existing X-Plane collections: the Svalbard, Bergen, and Oslo series. 

Images looks stunning, highlights the distinctive Nordic landscape and airport architecture.

The development team is currently undergoing an early beta phrase and it will be published through Aerosoft and as usual.

Here's looking forward to the release!

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