TorqueSim Shares SR22 FMOD Video + New Previews

Sam Clark
Monday, March 2, 2020

Though TorqueSim's weekly development updates faltered during the last part of February, they're back with more news from the SR22 regarding the FMOD sound system and the forthcoming beta phase.

Made in partnership with RealSimGear, TorqueSim's SR22 was debuted back in January and utilises the same synthetic vision avionics as present in HotStart's TBM-900, as part of an agreement between the two X-Aviation-aligned developers.

In today's update, posted on the TorequeSim website, Coop LeComp apologises for the lack of news on the project, before getting into the real meat of the update, regarding how they've now gotten the 3D model to work in-sim.

A huge milestone for the aircraft's development, LeComp says this is an indication that the team are close to putting the Cirrus into beta stage.

The TorqueSim team, previously comprised of members of Advanced Flight Modelling and Attitude Simulations, is now joined by a new fact: Marius Bohn, who is working on systems on the SR22. Here's what LeComp says about their newest hire:

"Marius has been working on an engine model for the IO-550 for over a year, and we are in the process of integrating the custom engine model, custom oxygen system, custom anti-ice system, and more."

Lastly for this update, a sneak peek at the FMOD sound pack via a 7-minute YouTube clip. The clip runs over "normal operations" in the SR22TN G3 GTS, which involves circuits at Oceano Country Airfield (L52) and later a "General Exterior Preview" from a low pass at Monroe Airport (KTTF) in Michigan.

You can find the source post for this article on the TorqueSim website.

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