TorqueSim Publishes SR22 Development Update 6

Monday, May 18, 2020

The latest entry in TorqueSim's series of development updates surrounding the progress of their SR22 has today been published.

Writing to the developer's blog section on their website, Cooper LeComp goes into further detail about updates to the integration with RealSimGear, 3D models, textures, engine model, and the electrical system.

"We are excited to share what we have been working on behind the scenes for the last month and a half!" wrote LeComp, opening up the blog post.

"We last shared about how we are integrating the many unique aerodynamic features of the SR22 into the model, this has been further refined along with our custom engine model (which was discussed here). While refining our custom systems has been a top priority for the development team, our 3D artist Steaven has also been hard at work, making one of the best 3D models for an X-Plane aircraft to-date!"

TorqueSim announced the aircraft in January along with RealSimGear; the latter is a hardware manufacturer specialising in products such as the Garmin G1000 for flight simulator enthusiasts to prepare them for the real world.

"Our rendition of the SR22 aircraft has designed from the onset with the hardware customer in-mind. Our aircraft will integrate perfectly with the RealSimGear Perspective Hardware, providing the ideal home flight simulator."

Following a quick rundown of RealSimGear's hardware package available for the Cirrus SR22, LeComp moved on to an update on 3D modelling and texturing.

"We have also nearly completed the 3D model and texturing process for the aircraft! The model has full 4K PBR texturing, with accurately replicated materials throughout (Even down to the style of fabrics and leathers used)!"

LeComp then moved on to the engine powering the SR22. "The SR22 IO-550-N engine will be the most accurately replicated piston engine for X-Plane. The engine is simulated down to each individual component!

"Over the past few weeks, the engine model has been further refined and extensively enhanced in order to represent the proper behaviors of the IO-550-N as authentically as possible during normal, hot, cold, flooded and false starts.

"This is now supplemented by an extensive oil system and other features never seen before on piston engines in X-Plane, such as engine knock (detonation) based on real data as well as some unique characteristics pointed out by real Cirrus pilots on our testing team.

"The entire component-based simulation of engine, fuel, TKS and oxygen systems has also been integrated into a novel maintenance concept which organizes maintenance intuitively in the form of inspections."

LeComp added their custom FMOD sound pack "benefits from the advanced physics-based system simulation", such as fuel dripping from the fuel drain port when the engine is being flooded. The sound of the turbocharger will also depend on its speed in the SR22TN variant.

LeComp continued: "We originally discussed the Electrical System back in February, detailing the level of depth of the system. We have further refined, tested, and validated the system in all of its various modes!

"We have developed an internal physics model simulating the lead-acid battery and its various behaviors. The behaviors of the Alternators and the Master Control Unit are also all simulated.

"The electrical system is a low-level physics simulation, when a switch is flipped on the plane, instead of simply checking for power on the bus, the SR22 simulation actually connects the “switch” tying the individual electrical item onto the power bus. This new logic allows for the many different states of the SR22 to be dynamically simulated at runtime."

In closing, the developer highlighted a new website, available to check out here. "[...] our goal was to make everything easier to find and for the website to load quickly across the globe. We have split off the development blog from the main website, you can now find our development blog at with our update blog posts and more."

Three weeks ago, TorqueSim released their BN-2 Islander, a favourite amongst many flight sim users. It was swiftly followed up with a post-release patch, with details available to read here.

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