Stairport & Captain7 Releases New Nürnberg Previews

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

X-Plane-based scenery developer Stairport announced that they were teaming up with one of their Prepar3D counterparts, Captain7, over the Nürnberg project back in December 2019. Since then, we can see that immense progress has been made, judging by yesterday’s post on the Stairport Facebook page.

According to Stairport, they’re currently “fixing [the] last bugs for EDDN, should be done soon.”

Located in Germany, Nurnberg Airport is home to just one 2700m runway, which do allow for aircraft as large as the Boeing 747 to operate (it’s not currently licensed to cater to Airbus A380s). EDDN has two terminals which see 4,000,000 people pass through every year. 

You can find the source post for this article over on the Stairport Facebook page.

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