SunSkyJet to Look for Partner to Convert Sceneries to X-Plane

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Made famous for their high-definition Philadelphia Airport (KPHL) scenery for FSX and Prepar3D, SunSkyJet Studios have hinted at converting both of their current sceneries - Philadelphia and a new Detroit Airport (KDTW) recreation - to X-Plane 11.

In a comment on a Facebook post announcing the move to beta phase of their KDTW scenery for Prepar3D, the developer says he's willing to work with an X-Plane-focused group to convert the airports to Laminar's sim.

Here's the full comment:

"I've been meaning to get XP11 installed - but I'm willing to entertain a collaboration. But I will need creative and distribution control over the project"

Initial comments recommend Vertical-Simulations to be the partner for the job, however SunSkyJet is yet to release any further information on the topic.

You can find the comment over on the SunSkyJet Facebook page.

Please note: All screenshots used in this article are of the Prepar3D V4 version of Detroit (KDTW).

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