Stairport Sceneries Close to Releasing Saint-Tropez (LFTZ)

Keizo Ono
Sunday, October 20, 2019

Announced as one of five airports at Flight Sim Show 2019, Stairport Sceneries is now close to releasing their latest scenery, Saint-Tropez (LFTZ) according to a Facebook post with multiple previews on their Facebook.

In addition to Saint-Tropez, the airports Chania, Nuremberg, Vitoria, and Newcastle were announced at Flight Sim Show 2019 as well as SAM v2, which contains an overhaul to the current SAM jetway system. 

Threshold will be sure to let you know when Saint-Tropez releases. To view Stairport Sceneries’ original Facebook post, click here. To view previous articles about Stairport Sceneries, click here

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