Sierrasim Announces Guayaquil Airport (SEGU)

September 12, 2020

Their third scenery inside the space of a month for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sierrasim have debuted Guayaquil Airport, located in Ecuador.

As always, the news came via a short-spoken Facebook post, which reads "Coming soon, SEGU - Guayaquil MSFS, later we will be informing about the launch!"

If their previous two sceneries are anything to go by, we can expect the following features for Guayaquil:

  • Textures and models based on aerial images
  • Photorealistic textures for buildings, vehicles, etc.
  • Airport objects
  • Good performance
  • Realistic night lighting

The scenery was first released for Prepar3D in May 2020. Microsoft Flight Simulator is the second platform the product has seen.

Learn more on the group's Facebook page.

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