Orbx Released TrueEarth Spain South HD for XP11

November 13, 2021

Orbx has released TrueEarth Spain South for X-Plane 11, maintaining their continued commitment to the platform. Teased earlier on their social media at the beginning of this month, before a subsequent official confirmation a week later, the scenery is now available in two editions, SD and HD. Purchasing the HD version (with full resolution textures) will obtain the SD edition for free.

The scenery covers a massive 98,000 square meters region, comprehensively decorated with accurate renditions of the area’s distinctive mountain regions, scenic coastlines and villages, and the contrasting architectural styles present in the area, from historic castles to intricate Moorish architecture. Employing LIDAR technology to scan and create localised autogen and assets, the scenery product is the most complete representation of Southern Spain in flight simulation.

A complete rendition of the region means that users are able to explore a wide range of destinations such as the famous Costa-Del-Sol to the major urban centres such as Malaga or the cultural centre of Granada, all of which features a combined over 200 Points of Interests/landmarks. The beatific mountain ranges such as the Sierra Nevada mountains are faithfully replicated for a decadent virtual experience. These are all constructed with detailed 10m resolution custom terrain that replicates each ridge and coastline bend.

Here is the provided feature list:

  • Huge coverage area spanning from Valencia to the Costa Del Sol
  • Crisp and detailed 1m/px aerial imagery, hand-edited textures with color corrections (2m/px for SD version)
  • Over 200 POIs covering major cities, castles, churches, and key landmarks
  • Hand-placed ports/boats and other coastal features
  • Accurate Spanish themed autogen grouped and heightened based on detailed LiDAR data
  • Highly detailed and optimized 10m mesh to bring out stunning detail in mountains and the coastline
  • Accurate vegetation, matching color, type, and height and optimized for performance

The scenery is available with pricing tiers in line with their previous TrueEarth releases for X-Plane: $40 AUD ($39.99 AUD) for the HD version, and $33.71 AUD for the SD version (with downscaled textures).

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