Statement on The Implementation of Advertisements in The Editorial

Monday, August 5, 2019

Threshold will now display advertisements on our editorial and forum pages. These ads are vital to the survival and continuation of Threshold, and will allow us to keep delivering content to you daily. We understand you may have some questions or concerns about the integrity and operation of the Editorial, and this statement exists to address and inform you about these new advertisements.

Where are the advertisements implemented?

The advertisements are implemented on the front, category, news, article, opinion, and forum pages. Advertisements are NOT present on review pages, or the Threshold Store. This can also be viewed in the Threshold Advertiser Kit.

Why do we need advertisements?

Since our inception in May of 2018, Threshold has significantly grown in size, becoming the largest X-Plane news site on the internet. With this, our expenses have also increased. These advertisements are essential for the survival of Threshold as a whole and will allow us to continue doing what we do best, delivering news, reviews, and more to you.

Will these ads affect what I read?

Absolutely not. These advertisements will in no way affect what you read in any of our publishings. This is especially true with product reviews, where advertisements are not present. If the advertisements affected what you read we would have failed in our mission to deliver impartiality and morality in our content. If you’d like to view our mission as an editorial, click here.

Will the appearance of the Editorial significantly change?

No, the Editorial will look similar to how it currently appears (as of July 2019). We’ve worked with advertisers to ensure that their ads blend well with the appearance of the site. If you’d like to see the specific places on the site where advertisements are present, refer to the Threshold Advertiser Kit.

Who are our advertisers?

While we keep the identity of our advertisers confidential until they’re live on our website, our advertisers are only flight sim related. We have no plans for this to change, as it makes logical sense for both us and our advertisers.

What does this mean for the future of Threshold?

These advertisements mean we will be able to continue to operate to our fullest extent and bring you news, articles, and reviews as we always have. Without financial obstacles, we can keep improving the Editorial and moving forward with our mission.

Thank You

We’d like to thank you, the readers, for getting us to where we are today. Without you, we wouldn’t be here and Threshold would still be merely an idea. We hope this clears up some questions or concerns you have with these new changes.

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