Stairport Releases New East Frisia Previews

July 23, 2020

Stairport has previewed through its publisher Aerosoft new previews of Borkum which is located in East Frisia; the region covered by the developer’s latest pack.

East Frisia is a German region located on the country’s North-Western coast, mainly constituted of islands, the region is full of regional airport’s used to travel back to the German mainland. Equipped with a short 1000 meters runway as well as two grass runways, Borkum airport can be reached with an OLT Britten-Norman Islander from Emden. 

Also previewed in the Facebook post is one of the region’s islands on which can be seen a large heliport, equipped with a landing pad, apron and hangar. 

This development update marks the last one before release as teased by Stairport on their own Facebook page, an imminent release is therefore to be expected.

Aerosoft last previewed the East Frisia package on the 12th of June 2020, ten days ago. Check out our article which covers the event in detail.

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