SimToolkitPro Updated to v0.6.60

January 18, 2021

Coming a short few days after the announcement of a completely separate product by Origami Studios - the developer's other flight sim brand - time has still been found to update SimToolkitPro to v0.6.60.

Despite such a packed schedule, the changelog for the latest version is considerably long, with work on this patch taking up over a month of development time.

"0.6.60 has shipped with a huge changelog too long to list here! It's been the result of a month of internal development and testing and is probably one of the larger patches to date."

The update "coincides with 2 consecutive days hitting 1000+ concurrent flights and 7200+ flights daily."

"This is a big patch and despite ramping up the bug team there could be things that got through the net so please expect minor issues with the it and hotfixes to be rapidly pushed out over the next few days to patch things up where needed!" the developer said on Facebook.

A 'consolidated' changelog was also made available on the group's Discord chat server. It is available below:

  • [NEW] Friends - Using the friend code under your pilot name in the sidebar add your friends to see them highlighted on the live map. More functionality will follow!
  • [NEW] Profile - Pilot name is now pulled from the server where viable (local is a fallback)
  • [NEW] Sync V2 - Complete new sync engine with better status updates, more reliable checking
  • [NEW] Core - Timer based data check, if no data received from the sim in the case of a failed connection an automatic reconnect will be attempted
  • [NEW] Internal App Server - Access 'http://ip-of-stkp-device:51011/app' to use the updated app on any mobile device connected to the same network
  • [WEB] Documentation - New site for SimToolkitPro documentation, tutorials and API guide
  • [FIX] Auto Sim Connect - Removed temporarily, library used seems to be the source of memleak
  • [FIX] Core - Added note about occasional missing export formats
  • [FIX] Core - Background worker thread slimming
  • [FIX] Core - Fixed directory creation code from settings switchover
  • [FIX] Core - Fixed missing "cancel" button
  • [FIX] Core - Fixed some spelling issues
  • [FIX] Core - Fixed update button colour
  • [FIX] Core - Footer bare expanded to support more information as provided by the new sync system
  • [FIX] Core - New build settings
  • [FIX] Core - Removed pilot naming when information is available from the server
  • [FIX] Core - Will now detect and fix corrupt airframe definitions where possible
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Completed flights now removed properly
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Can now click name in the sidebar to update it on remote and local profile
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Clickthrough added to pilot count text on map
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Fixed notice/footer alignment in fixed navbar mode
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Friends box (disabled and hidden when using locally)
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Moved notice bar from covering update button
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Removed surplus memory/cpu performance profiling code
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Will now detect if the plugin is installed but disabled by xOrganiser
  • [FIX] Flight Completion - Fix to allow flight autocomplete to update fleet location data
  • [FIX] Flight Data - Added filtering to remove some bad data
  • [FIX] Flight Data - Cleaned up data sent from MSFS
  • [FIX] Flight Data - Fix for report generation when streaming system is disabled
  • [FIX] Flight Data - Removed data checks that cause flight state to get "trapped", flight phase should now autocorrect itself
  • [FIX] Flight Planning - Fix for various 0 latitude waypoints not being parsed correctly
  • [FIX] Flight Planning - Fixed issue getting data for null divert icao
  • [FIX] Flight Planning - Fixed issue preventing selection of visual procedures without a runway specified
  • [FIX] Flight Planning - Support for H block RNAV waypoints
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Fixed menu item missing if not connected to simulator
  • [FIX] Friends - Can now be removed
  • [FIX] Friends - Dashboard friends list now sorted by online state rather than added order
  • [FIX] Friends - New state handling allows user to be "online" and "online-flying"
  • [FIX] Live Map - Added colour option for friends
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed map options overlay position
  • [FIX] Live Map - Friends only filtering changes to hugely improve performance
  • [FIX] Live Map - Friends only filtering
  • [FIX] Live Map - METAR and Overpass data requests that fail should now fail gracefully
  • [FIX] Live Map - Performance gains from adjusting how data is updated for flights
  • [FIX] Live Map - Various light performance improvements
  • [FIX] Live Map/Track Log - Track lines from slews/repositioning in the sim will now be detected. A warning will be shown
  • [FIX] Loading - Fixed background video CDN link
  • [FIX] Loadsheet - Popout loadsheet fixed when streaming system disabled
  • [FIX] Logbook - Added extra error handling to loading of logs - still need debug.log files where all flights aren't shown
  • [FIX] Logbook - Routes filter correctly on the logbook page now
  • [FIX] Login - Changes to support more information on login
  • [FIX] Performance - Tweaks in settings allow selection of only certain networks
  • [FIX] Remote App - Added Loadsheet and fixes some styling issues for OFP access in remote app.
  • [FIX] Remote App - Added Map, basic currently will be adding configurable options in the near future
  • [FIX] Startup - Startup fleet checks will only update flags for aircraft if neccessary to stop flagging for sync when not required
  • [FIX] Streaming - Streamer mode to hide friend code, accessible in the settings
  • [FIX] Sync V2 - Fixed issue with over enthusiastic upload of data
  • [FIX] User Data - Data storage structure updates to support new sync system

To see more of the developer's work, check out the announcement of Gatwick Airport by Origami Studios, made just earlier this week.

You can find SimToolkitPro on Facebook.

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